Can You Figure Out What This Document Is?

Interpreting Data

All documents and text associated with this activity are printed below, followed by a worksheet for student responses.


In this activity, you will study an interesting document — is it a map? is it a chart? You will need to figure out what it is and what it was used for.

After you have studied the document, complete the "Consider the Source" worksheet.



Can You Figure Out What This Document Is?

Interpreting Data

Examine the document or documents below. Use the numbers to refer to the questions or hints provided. Then label the documents(s) with additional numbers or symbols based if you were asked to do in the introduction and explain them in the margins. Write your conclusion response in the space provided.


Number: 1
Each of these numbers indicates a time.

Number: 2
What does this stamp indicate about how this document was used?

Number: 3
Note the date of the document.

Number: 4
Where is Oahu located?


Activity Element

Page 1

Consider the Source

How do you think this data was collected?
Tally or Count
Reporting or recording
Compilation from other sources

Who do you think created the document(s)?

Why do you think the document(s) were created?

What questions does this raise in your mind?


Can You Figure Out What This Document Is?

Interpreting Data

This document was evidence collected during the congressional investigation of the Pearl Harbor Attack. It is the Radar Plot from Detector Station Opana, recorded on December 7, 1941.

Does this information answer some of your questions? Or does it raise others in your mind?

Your Response

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